Different Types of Wireless Dog Fences

The devices which contribute substantially to a stronger perimeter are boundary flags, batteries, and transmitter. For the system for the wireless dog fence to be seamless and reliable, the components must be able to work together whereby a boundary which is consistent will be maintained. The wireless dog fence is regarded a tremendous asset in keeping the dog in safe hands.The following are some examples of the different kinds of wireless dog fences which exist in the market;

Friendly dog products


Friendly dog products type of wireless dog fence includes a flexible and simple system. It is effortless for an individual to install or set it up. It consists of a boundary wire and a transmitter cord which is on the ground. Holes for the transmitter are not required. A build is made according to the exact shape of the field of an individual. It consists of a collar which is waterproof with five correction levels.

Completely wireless dog fence

The completely wireless dog fence is kinds whereby a person can carry it along to any place him or her going to. It does not have a complicated design, so it is effortless for an individual to set it up. The warning tone from the system is usually accompanied by a stimulus whereby dogs can intuit their restriction areas. The standard features are the coding between the receiver and transmitter is easier and the range is set according to the needs of a person and to what the surrounding dictates.

Petsafe wireless fence

A simple and super approach to the wireless dog fence is provided by PetSafe. There is existence of transmitters and wires being buried down. The transmitter is plugged in; the dog is fitted with the collar and afterward setting it to play. It consists of circular and wireless boundaries which extend from five to ninety feet. The total taken to set up is a maximum of two hours. The receiver collar is waterproof consisting of a training mode and static correction of five levels. It costs about two hundred and sixty only.

PetSafe stay


The PetSafe stay wireless dog fence consists of a sleek design and very easy for a person to install in his or her yard. It involves fixing a transmitter, the wireless signal being adjusted and training the dog to maintain the boundaries. Static corrections and alarms are incorporated in the system to indicate the places or areas where the dog can walk, run and play. The period for charging receiver collar which is waterproof is between two to three hours.